Event reporting to SEPA

An Environmental Event is an incident which has, or may have, an environmental impact.

Once a report is submitted, our 24 hour contact centre will action it.

This report must NOT be used in place of notifying emergency services when there is an immediate threat to life, health and/or property. Contact the Pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

For details on what SEPA does or does not do, please go to our FAQ page.

Go to Map
  1. After clicking on the button above you will be taken to a map
  2. In the top right hand corner of the map you will find a search box
  3. You can either type in the place or postcode of the location where the event is happening, or select the cross and then click on the map in the location of the event
  4. If you are reporting an event from a mobile device and have location services turned on your location will automatically be identified on the map
  5. The map operates just like Google map so you can zoom in or scroll to a new location
  6. Once the location of the event is correctly identified click next in the search box
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Event Report

Please provide some information about the time of the event and what type of event it is.

Report details

Location of Event:
Date of event:
What time were you first aware of the event?:
Is the event:
Stopped?     Ongoing?
Type of event:
Description of event:

Help: What did you see, hear or smell? How big or widespread is it? What effect did this have on the environment?

Where do you think it is coming from? Please give details e.g. address. (optional):
Add a photo that shows the event (optional):

Only one photo of type JPG, PNG or GIF up to 5MB filesize. Upload speed will be affected by your location and signal strength.

Contact Details

If you wish us to contact you, please provide your details below. SEPA complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 and our Privacy Policy outlines the way in which we use this information.

Contact Name (optional):
Contact Telephone Number (optional):
Contact Email Address (optional):
Contact Address (optional):
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Please check the above information is correct before submitting.

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